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Paratransit: East Bay Paratransit

Dial-A-Ride is a service for persons with disabilities who are ADA-certified to use paratransit.  This section features information about East Bay Paratransit Consortium.  The East Bay Paratransit Consortium provides transportation to individuals who are unable to use fixed-route public transportation, such as AC Transit buses or BART trains, because of a disability or disabling health condition.  For detailed information regarding East Bay Paratransit, check their website at http://www.actransit.org/riderinfo/paratransit.wu.


To use East Bay Paratransit, it is necessary to complete an application which can be obtained by contacting East Bay Paratransit at one of the following numbers:

Phone: (510)287-5040
Toll Free: (800)555-8085

Applications are available in alternative formats, in person or telephone assistance with applications will be provided upon request of the applicant.

East Bay Paratransit provides rides for people who are certified as eligible for paratransit under the rules of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Eligible riders may also bring companions and Personal Care Assistants (PCA's) with them.  To find out if you can use East Bay Paratransit, write to their address or contact them for an application:

East Bay Paratransit

  • 1720 Broadway, Suite 310
    Oakland, CA 94612
    Phone Numbers:
  • Phone: (510) 287-5000
  • Toll-free: 1-800-555-8085
  • Fax:(510) 287-5069
  • TTY:(510) 287-5065

AC Transit and BART, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), have formed the East Bay Paratransit Consortium for the purpose of delivering transportation services to individuals unable, because of a disability or disabling health condition, to access, board or ride public transportation. These services are provided for the Consortium by COMSIS Mobility Services, Inc.

Fares are based on the straight-line ("air mile") distance traveled per trip. When a ride is scheduled, the reservations operator will inform the rider of the amount of the one-way fare.  The one-way fares are:
  • 0 - 8 miles: $2.25
  • 8 - 24 miles: $4.50
  • 24+ miles: $6.75

Note: An additional 80¢ will be charged for all Transbay trips beginning or ending more than 3/4 mile radius from San Francisco, BART stations.  All riders must pay a fare.  Only Personal Care Attendants (PCA's) traveling with an ADA certified rider are carried for free.

When a ride is scheduled, the reservations operator will tell you the amount of the one-way fare for each individual traveling.  A maximum of one companion or friend, and one PCA may accompany an ADA-certified rider on any trip.  Please have the exact fare ready in cash or paratransit tickets. Drivers cannot make change. You can purchase paratransit tickets by mail.  Contact the East Bay Paratransit service to order tickets.

Service Area

East Bay Area
The service area includes communities served by AC Transit in the East Bay, as well as San Francisco. As a certified rider, you can travel anywhere within the service area, and can transfer to other paratransit services within the nine-counties Bay Area region.  East Bay Paratransit will help you coordinate your trip with other paratransit services when you need to travel in another service area.

In accordance with the ADA, East Bay Paratransit operates during the same days and hours as AC Transit and BART's regular fixed-route services.  It is important to note that as bus and BART weekday, weekend and holiday service schedules differ, ADA paratransit service hours will also differ.  Service hours will be explained as necessary to riders at the time trip requests are made.

Transbay Service

You can travel directly from the East Bay service area to destinations in San Francisco.  If you are going farther than 3/4 miles from a San Francisco BART station, you must pay an additional 80 cents each way for this service. See the Fares section for more information.

Using the Service

Scheduling a Ride:
Phone: (510) 287-5040 direct or (510) 287-5000 (press 4)
Toll Free: 1 (800) 555-8085 (press 4) Hours of reservations:
7:00 AM - 7:00 PM daily
7:00 AM - 6:00 PM (next day trips)

You must call and make a reservation to use paratransit. You can arrange a
trip up to 7 days in advance, up to 6:00 PM the night before you want to

When calling to reserve a ride, have the following information ready:

  • Your first and last name.
  • Date when you want to travel.
  • Pick-up address: number street, suite number city and zip.
  • Your requested pickup or requested drop-off time.
  • Your requested return time if you want a round trip.
  • Where you want to go: number, street suite number, city and zip.
  • If you will be using a wheelchair or other mobility device.
  • If you will be bringing a service animal.
  • If you will be accompanied by a personal care assistant and/or
    companion (including children).
  • If you will be accompanied by a child under 6 years of age or who weighs less than 60 pounds, so a car seat can be provided (under CA State law, all such children must be secured in a car safety seat) and
  • Any other information the paratransit driver should know to help you travel.

Next Day/Same Day Trips
Under normal circumstances we provide next day service, therefore you must schedule your trip at least the day before you want to travel. However, a limited number of "same day" trips may be available each day to meet unexpected needs, such as urgent medical appointments.

Occasionally we may need to ask you to change your requested pick up time in order to accommodate your request for a reservation.  The ADA allows the consotium to negotiate a revised pick up with you which may be up to one hour before or after your requested pick up time.

Cancellation and "No-Show" Policies

To cancel trips, call the Customer Service Department at 287-5040 or 1-800-555-8085, press #4. Cancellations can be left in person with Reservations or Customer service staff, or on the automated Cancellation Line.

No Shows:
If you reserve a ride but do not meet the vehicle upon its arrival, are not ready to board the vehicle with five minutes of its arrival after the scheduled pickup time, or call to cancel a trip less than one hour before the scheduled pick-up time.

If you are a "no-show" for a trip and we are unable to contact you, any subsequent trips scheduled for the same day will be canceled unless we hear from you.  If you "no-show" three(3) times within any calendar quarter, your service may be suspended for 30 days.

Pick-up and Drop-off Procedures

When you reserve a ride, you will be told a 20 minute "window" within which to expect your ride. You should be ready to board the vehicle at the beginning of your pickup window. When the driver rrives at the pickup point, if he or she does not see you, they will attempt to locate you (e.g., knock on door, have dispatcher telephone.  If the driver cannot locate you within 5 minutes of arrival at the pickup point, they will list you as a "no-show" and leave.  At the time of boarding, be prepared to present your ADA identification card and sign the rider list, if you are able.  Service can be door-to-door for as long as drivers stay within the "line-of-sight" of their vehicle. A driver cannot escort you past the ground floor lobbey of any building. Drivers are not permitted to enter residences.  You do not have to board the vehicle before the beginning of your 20 minute pickup window.  You will not be considered a "no-show" if you refuse a ride that arrived later than the 20 minute window.  If the East Bay Paratransit vehicle has not arrived by the end of the 20 minute window, call East Bay Paratransit Customer Service at (510) 287-5035 or 1-800-555-8085 to report the late pick-up and receive further assistance.

Hours of Operation
East Bay Paratransit operates during the same days and hours as AC Transit and BART's regular buses and trains.

As with regular bus and BART service, paratransit service hours will differ between weekdays, and weekends and the following holidays: New Years Day, Birthday of Martin Luther King, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day.

Phone Numbers
Here is some important numbers to contact the Easy Bay Paratransit Consortium.
  • Information and Assistance: (510)287-5000
  • Toll Free Number : (800)555-8085
  • Ride Reservations: (510)287-5040
  • Cancel A Ride: (510)287-5035
  • FAX: (510)287-5069
  • TT: (510)287-5065
Customer Service Center:
  • East Bay Paratransit
    1720 Broadway, Suite 310
    Oakland, CA 94612
More Information
For more detailed information about the East Bay Paratransit Consortium, you can surf over to their website, which is at http://www.actransit.org/riderinfo/paratransit.wu.

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